Congratulations on Becoming One of the Competing Teams!



The links below will lead you to the shoot locations for each county.  They are listed by the daily shooting schedule, September 25-29.  The first image is a REQUIRED SHOOTING LOCATION and the second is an optional location. There is a plot twist on the third day in Putnam Co., you have to utilize both locations for that day.   You will also find two actors that you must use in your film.  IFR can find additional extras that you might need as your script develops if requested by the team.

Tomorrow, August 23rd at 6:00pm/EST the IFR producers will hold a video conference where the participation is required by your team leader and other representatives.  IFR would like to do a welcome and a walk through the schedule and procedures with the team leaders. 


A matter of business during the call will be our one time only LOCATION TRADE SESSION. One trade will be allowed per team , per county.  Teams are not obligated to participate in the trade but are encouraged to consider this opportunity to secure the best locations for your story continuity and over all production quality. 


We will then conduct a session where each team will have the ability to do an actor trade.  Two trades will be allowed per team.  This will be the only time you will be able to do an actor trade.